Whiskey, a gun and a rattlesnake: a simple check of the car brought police a big «catch»… and that’s before they found uranium

When police stopped the car of Stephen Jennings in Guthrie, Oklahoma on June 26, they examined the car and found much more than expected.

Machine Stephen Jennings stopped around 11:00 Wednesday after an officer noticed that the validity of the numbers his car has expired, later told the police. But it turned out that this is not all the questions that might occur to the driver. For starters, in the car found a gun. The passenger of the car, Rachel Rivera was charged with possession of a weapon after a previous conviction for a serious criminal offense.

In addition, as stated to police, officers found that the car was stolen. This forced them to dig a little deeper.

And here’s what they found: 1 open bottle of whiskey Kentucky Deluxe and 1 rattlesnake. It should be noted that a rattlesnake safely housed in the cage in the back seat.

Uranium, a rattlesnake, and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe found after police pulled over a couple in a stolen vehicle in Guthrie. @kfor pic.twitter.com/6bh4MUuHcO

— Cassandra Sweetman (@CassandraOnTV) July 11, 2019

«That is, they had rattlesnake, stolen car, firearms and detained the suspect» — told KFOR police Sergeant Guthrie Anthony Gibbs.

If that wasn’t enough, then they found a container of radioactive uranium powder. «When something like that happens, of course, we contact the organization that deals with such things, and the powder carefully pass them,» — said Gibbs. «Uranium is the dark horse in this situation.»

After such finds Jennings was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transportation of an open container of alcoholic beverage and driving with an invalid rights.

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«A search of the vehicle revealed a canister of powdered radioactive uranium. ‘When that happens of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically,’ Sgt. Gibbs said.»

Wait. WHEN THAT HAPPENS? How many times have the Guthrie, OK police found canisters of uranium? https://t.co/ItGjY1x8ma

— Mark Sumner (@Devilstower) July 11, 2019

Police Guthrie did not press charges against uranium; officers are still considering a possible motive of the suspect. In connection with the presence of a rattlesnake in the car for extra charges pair also nominated were not.

Interestingly, after the appearance of the news on the Internet, social networks were quick to not only discuss surprising findings of the police, but the comment of the Sergeant.

«Wait. When something like that happens? How many times Guthrie, OK, the police found containers of uranium?» — asked someone. To which another user replied: «I don’t know what’s scarier — losing nuclear weapons or that it happens so often that this is already your term».