For the transplant kidney to daughter the man wanted to Rob the store, but at the last moment changed his mind

Philadelphia police are looking for accused of trying to Rob the store with a man who said he needed money for an operation for a kidney transplant for his daughter.

The attempted robbery happened at 1 Stop Smoke Shop on Red Lion and Verree Roads in the district of Somerton.

The video from the store’s surveillance cameras you can see how the man approaches the woman behind the counter with a gun and waving them in the air. But what happened next was a real surprise for everyone.

According to the store owner Kimo, when the potential thief already had a couple of hundred dollars, he said that this is not enough to pay for a kidney transplant for his daughter. Immediately after that, the man left the entire cache, said goodbye and just walked away in an unknown direction.

KYW reporter asked Kimo, «How do you think I need to do with it?»

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«It’s hard to say. I think the desire to use the gun or remove it from the pocket he needs to be punished, — said the owner of Stop Smoke Shop, but at the same time, as a society, we need to do something to help these people and not to bring up the fact that he had to get a gun».

According to the police, they may have information about a potential burglar. Officers said that trying to track him down and might be able to offer some assistance to his family.