Democrats want to pass a law that will provide the «vulnerable groups» of immigrants legal assistance

The Senator from Maryland , Anthony brown and other Democrats plan to pass a law that will provide for «vulnerable» asylum seekers, legal representation in their immigration cases.

The bill provided BuzzFeed News in advance, will ensure legal advice for asylum seekers under the age of 21 years and the elderly over 60 years of age and for those who identificeret themselves as LGBT, pregnant and lactating women, and persons with special religious needs.

If «the Law of equal justice for immigrants» from 2019 will be, it will also allow persons seeking asylum to remain in the country for the duration of the trial.

Also only officers of citizenship and immigration, the United States will test candidates, and it cancels the recent decision of the administration of Donald trump to prepare agents of Customs and border guards for interviews.

Earlier in the presidential administration said that the United States will cease to give asylum to people traveling from South and Central America through Mexico.

The new rules will require that people sought asylum in the first country they reached the outside of your home.

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«The immigration policy of the President trump the separation of families, mass arrests and deportation. Immigrants are frequently denied rights to due process. We must ensure equal and fair treatment of all people within our borders,» wrote brown in a letter to fellow Democrats.

We will remind, this week ICE conducted mass raids in 10 major U.S. cities. Officials of the presidential administration, trump accused the news Agency that they were instructed by the community on how to avoid the agents of ICE.