In new York the world’s most famous drug Lord El Chapo sentenced to life imprisonment

Joaquin «El Chapo» Guzman, Mexican drug Lord and head of the Sinaloa cartel today, July 17, in new York, was sentenced to life imprisonment and another to 30 years imprisonment.

According to prosecutors, Guzman also will lose $12.6 billion.

62-year-old Guzman, whose nickname «El Chapo» means «Shorty» in February was convicted of trafficking tons of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, and participation in numerous conspiracies to murder.

La justicia de #EEUU condena a #ElChapo a cadena perpetua por narcotráfico.El tribunal de Nueva York también dicta by 30 años por violencia con armas de fuego y 20 por blanqueo de dinero.

— Canal Genteve (@CanalGenteve) July 17, 2019

«El Chapo» complained the poor conditions of his detention before sentencing.

«It was an emotional and psychological torture 24 hours a day,» said Guzman. He added that the media influenced the decision of a jury — argument, which also led his lawyers.

«The United States is no better than any other corrupt country,» said Guzman.

Before he was captured in 2016, «El Chapo» escaped from the prisons in Mexico. He was extradited to the United States to stand trial in January 2017.

He started his «career» in the 1980-ies, digging tunnels under the U.S. border and Mexico, which allowed him to smuggle the drugs faster than any of rivals in the business.

He was getting more and more power in the 1990-ies and 2000-ies due to the frequent bloody wars with rivals, eventually becoming the most famous leader of the Sinaloa cartel.

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The witnesses, among whom were several senior «lieutenants» Guzman, a communications engineer and ex-lover, told how he built a complex organization, resembling a multinational Corporation.

According to witnesses, he was sending drugs in the United States on boats and airplanes, he had a detailed account books and system of encrypted electronic communication passing through a secret computer servers in Canada.

The U.S. attorneys allege that Guzman had sold drugs in the amount of bor more $12 billion, as Forbes magazine once called him one of the richest men in the world. Jailed in Mexico in 1993, he escaped in 2001 by hiding in a cart of clothes, and spent several years moving from one shelter to another in the mountains of Mexico.

In 2014 he was again arrested, but in the following year he made his most famous escape when he crawled in the tunnel length 1.6 km, dug into his cell in a maximum security prison.

He was again captured in January 2016. The Mexican government says he gave the shelter a «series of mistakes», including an attempt to make a film about his life.

Lawyers «El Chapo» has already stated that they intend to appeal the verdict.