«That’s cold»: In Pennsylvania, threatened to deprive of the parental rights of those who owed money for Lunches their children

In the letter, released by the addressees in social networks, representatives of the Wyoming Valley West School District (PA), tell the parents that those at risk of losing your child — if you don’t pay it debt for school Lunches.

«Your child every day comes to school without money, Breakfast or lunch. — the authors of the letter as it is deprived of the opportunity to eat right, we must inform you that you neglect his right to a full diet, to the court.»

Representatives of the school district emphasize that this will be followed by a trial, which, in turn, can lead to the loss of parental rights and the transfer of the child into foster care. To avoid such developments, the family is recommended as soon as possible to pay the debt of $75.25.

Shortly after the letter online, Wyoming Valley West School District barrage of criticism — from both parents and from the local authorities.

«Give children in foster families only when there is no other way, — stressed the head of the district Luzern David Pedri — as a result of a terrible tragedy or if they were jertvami domestic violence. You cannot use the system to intimidate the parents and force them to pay for lunch.»

«It would distort the very essence of our duties. — says the Executive Director of the child protective Services Luzerne Joan van son — Nobody is going to pick up the children from their parents because of school debt.»

Senator Bob Casey also commented on the incident in an official statement, noting that «we cannot allow the child to live in fear that it will be taken from parents» because of financial difficulties and unpaid lunch.

Moving forward, the School District has an obligation to find an appropriate way to collect these funds, instead of using threats

— Senator Bob Casey (@SenBobCasey) July 19, 2019

«These heartless letter was not supposed to see the light. — adds Casey — the School district is obliged to ensure the payment of debts in a suitable manner and not to use threats.»

Family opinion on the conflict differed. At the time, some criticized the actions of the Wyoming Valley West School District, while others believe that parents should not pass on school district responsibility for paying for the Lunches of their children.

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«A great idea is to destroy the child’s life because mother and father do not give them money for lunch. writes one commentator — what a bunch of idiots suerheroine».

In response, another user notes that the duty of parents to care for children, and «do not try to force others to pay for their meals.»

The controversial letter, signed by the Director of Federal programs school district, Joseph Mut, received at least 40 families. In that time, the dla recognizes that, «perhaps a little strong» who prepared the letter to the lawyer, Charles Coslett, of a different opinion.

«Hopefully, this will attract their attention. he says — In some sense, already involved. Now I communicate with journalists only because some parent didn’t want to pay the debt. Debt for food for his child. It’s just a shame.»

Despite claims Coletta, representatives of the Wyoming Valley West School District has announced that will send the debtors a new, revised version of the letter.

According to news channel WBRE, at this time the school district tries to achieve payment of debts for meals totaling $20 thousand