By an Act of the first step of prisons, the United States withdrew more than 3 thousand prisoners

This Friday more than 3 thousand people were released from American prisons and places of detention. Thousands had the opportunity to start life anew after the entry into force of the so-called act of the first step, which was signed by Donald trump last year.

For individuals, the cause of detention which is not associated with violent crime, premature release is a great opportunity to start with a clean slate. For example, Nora Ahai, who was in jail for drugs when she was only 22 years old, and her daughter — 5 years. After Nora got out of prison, she successfully went to College and found a legal job, but two years later returned to trade in psychotropic substances. The woman admits that not even tried to start afresh — considering that after the liberation she returned to illegal activities.

The new law aims to help inmates — mainly those whose activities have in the past been involved with drugs — back to the society. Nora had been in prison for 18 years and now knows exactly what will happen to aspire to a better life.

Act first step aims to eliminate racial inequality in the United States, and to improve the hearing process. However, experts still believe that this freed more resources are needed in order to return to society.

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