«Go back where they came from»: the man was angry at a pregnant black Congresswoman

The representative of Georgia in the district 39 Democrat Eric Thomas stated that the buyer of the supermarket poured her anger and told her that she «should go back where we came from.»

«Go back where they came from»: the man was angry at a pregnant black CongresswomanErica Thomas. Source: wikimedia

Eric Thomas in tears recorded Live video on Facebook in which he talked about the sad case. Congresswoman reported that the conflict occurred in the shop Publix when she was standing in line at the Express checkout. According to her, the man was angry that she had taken too many things.

«This white man comes to me and says: «You lazy bitch. You should go back from whence you came»,» recalls Thomas in the video, crying bitterly. — I said, «Sir, you don’t even know me. I’m not lazy, I’m on the ninth month of pregnancy»».

Video Thomas became viral and the hashtag #IStandwithErica quickly began to spread on Twitter.

On Saturday, July 20, when Thomas was interviewed about the incident right near the supermarket where there was conflict, there was the alleged perpetrator himself. The man introduced himself as Eric sparks. According to him, that day he didn’t say any racist abuse, claiming that he is a Cuban. While sparks confirmed that was annoyed and cursed Thomas.

«This woman is playing the victim for political purposes, because she is a legislator of the state, — said the man. — I am a Democrat and will vote for Democrats the rest of your life, so call me whatever you want. For the sake of its political goals… That’s wrong.»

When Thomas said that it told sparks that day, she said she doesn’t remember exactly how the phrase sounded, but the essence of the message was that she returned to her country.

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As was reported at the Publix, they are «cooperating with local law enforcement agencies, studying the problem.»

The incident occurred a few days later after President trump tweeted that four Congresswoman (talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashid Tlaib and Anne pressly) needs to «return to destroyed and filled with crime» in their countries of origin. Later, the House of representatives passed a resolution condemning «racist remarks» of the President.

In his video, Thomas referred to this incident and accused trump of inciting hatred.