Chaos in the court. The judge fell into a stupor when he heard his sentence

Former judge Tracy hunter, who in 2010 became the first African-American to be elected as a juvenile court Hamilton County, was sentenced to 6 months in prison. The verdict was passed by judge Patrick Dinkelacker, after hearing on corruption in Cincinnati. Hunter has charged that she, taking advantage of the situation and helped to save his brother job.

After sentencing, the former judge literally fell into a stupor and couldn’t move from shock. The officer, taking her under the arms, pulled the woman from the courtroom.

Hunter disputes the charges in 2014 after she was charged with eight counts of tampering with evidence, forgery and other charges — including, in the case of her brother. The lawyer of the former judge argues that his client is confident in the falsity of the charges and admits to breaking the law. Moreover, hunter has always said that she is persecuted for political reasons. Because of the allegations she lost practice license and ability to earn.

«I didn’t break the law, did not help to get a job my brother who at the time of my appointment has already been in court for 7 years» — stands on its Tracy.

The judge of the County juvenile filed charges that she is taking advantage of official position, requested and transferred to the relative confidential documents to one of the Teens in the correctional institution in which he worked. Her brother was accused of abuse of office, after he allegedly struck the boy on 7 July 2013. Was the internal disciplinary investigation and the man recommended dismissal.

Chaos in the court. The judge fell into a stupor when he heard his sentenceOne of the protesters against the sentence, was detained after she tried to prevent the work of the court

The first was indicted Tracy hunter in 2013, after the investigation of violations in court. Claimed that someone in the team hunter forges documents, writing them retrospectively to prevent appeals. After that, she was charged with forgery, forgery, theft of public funds, as well as to intervene in civil proceedings against her brother. At the time, hunter already had a bad relationship with the Prosecutor’s office because of disagreements with the district Prosecutor Joe Deters in early 2013. Tracy accused him of libel, but the two suspects denied all claims.

In 2014, judge hunter was disqualified: she condemned one of the charges and sentenced to 6 months in prison, but on December 26, 2014 the Supreme court of Ohio issued a decision to suspend a six-month prison sentence the hunter while waiting for re-trial on eight charges.

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Hunter filed an appeal to remove judge Patrick Dinkelacker, because he, according to her, will not be able to be objective.

Hunter was arrested on 22 July 2019, after she was sentenced to six months in prison. The jury reached a verdict on only one of the charges associated with the interference in the investigation into her brother Steven hunter.

More than two dozen protesters, many wearing t-shirts with the inscription «Justice for judge Tracy M. hunter,» he spoke out against the verdict. One woman was arrested for attempting to hinder the work of the court.

The judge of the General Affairs Hamilton County Patrick Dinkelacker claims to have received many letters with requests and requirements to make Tracy a hunter in jail.