Thrice-convicted man who pretended to be an immigration lawyer again cheating illegals

Dozens of illegal immigrants who wanted to realize their American dream, argue that they have been cheated and trying to get justice.

According to the complaint, a resident of the Bronx Edwin Rivera cheated illegal immigrants to fraudulently deprive them of thousands of dollars. Man invented a scheme by which prestavlenija counsel and provided foreigners with fake visas.

Immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, told News 12 that, delivering that story, you risk to be deported. But they emphasize that wanted to speak out to prevent similar situations with others.

The attorney General Letitia James told News 12: «Edwin Rivera, a repeat offender who profited, deceived and preyed on vulnerable immigrants seeking legal help».

This is not the first time Rivera is accused of fraud associated with immigrants. In 2016, he was sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, and the Prosecutor General’s office of the state of new York ordered him to pay more than $30 thousand of its victims.

But the story of the collision of the river with the law began even earlier. In 2004, the first man falsely stated that he is an immigration lawyer, charging customers $1500. A year later, the Supreme court of new York found him guilty of creating false advertising. In 2008 he was not allowed to provide immigration services in new York. Rivera has repeatedly violated the order and had served three prison term.

«He approaches them in churches, prayer houses where individuals are vulnerable, and people believe what they say», — said immigration lawyer Annabelle Romero about the method of the swindler.

Thrice-convicted man who pretended to be an immigration lawyer again cheating illegalsA resident of the Bronx Edwin Rivera was convicted three times for fraud. Source: New York Attorney General’s Office

According to the lawyer, around 40 families have paid a River of thousands of dollars. The fraudster told them that works to make all members of their families the legal status of religious workers, but according to Romero, these visas for all of US a bit.

«They are usually designed for faithful people,’ said Romero. — The pastors, the priests. The number is very limited».

Rivera himself said that he was not an immigration lawyer. When the representative of PIX11 spoke with him by phone, he said that working with immigrants «kindness».

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«I’m not lying to families. This Church, the Church of Christian service, said Rivera. — I’m not doing anything illegal.»

One of the immigrants Jose Villa said that he had given Mr. Rivera more than $5 million, although he was aware that Mr. Rivera is not a lawyer.

«He knows how to prepare the necessary for immigrants, said the Villa on the work of men. He knows how to do documents».

Rivera said he is working to obtain legal status for families.

«Initially they were given $4 thousand for expenses — he said the amount paid by Villa. — When the money ran out, I asked them to make an even $1 thousand.»

The attorney General confirmed that it is now considered options in the legal field about the most recent charges.