The new rule of the United States may disqualify almost half of the applicants to receive green cards

The administration of President Donald trump announced on Monday, August 12, a new rule, which may prohibit permanent residence in the country hundreds of thousands of people due to the fact that they are too poor.

The rule previously extended the lead assistant to trump the anti-immigration Stephen Miller, takes effect in mid-October and will reject applications on temporary or permanent visas for low incomeor because of receipt of public assistance such as social security, food stamps, public housing or Medicaid.

«This change will not affect «self-sufficient immigrants who do not depend on public resources to meet their needs, and rely on their own resources and the resources of family members, sponsors and private organizations», — stated in the notice published in the Federal register.

Experts believe that this may be the most radical of all anti-immigration measures of the administration of President trump. Immigrant advocates have criticized the plan as an attempt to reduce legal immigration without going through Congress.

Most likely, the new rule will be challenged in court, but it is not exactly known.

According to the migration policy Institute (Migration Policy Institute), under the new rule, more than half of all applicants to family green card will be denied. So, for example, in 2016, was issued about 800 000 green cards.

The new rule follows from the immigration Act of 1882, which enables the US government to refuse visa to any person who may become the so-called «public charge».

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In recent years, immigration officials have identified applicants for a visa as a «public charge» if they can become dependent on state aid.

Most of the immigrants, non-residents are not eligible to participate in major programmes of assistance until I get a green card, but the new rule expands the definition of «public charge,» which may disqualify more people.

Now for the visa applicants will need to prove a higher level of income.