The first state in the US is forbidden to euthanize animals in shelters

Delaware made history as the first and only state in the US, where it is impossible to euthanize animals in shelters. It is reported by the Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit organization that works to protect animals.

Marketing Director Brandywine Valley SPCA, an organization that has three offices in the state of Delaware and serves more than 14,000 animals a year, Linda Torelli, believes that a systematic approach has helped Delaware to achieve the status of «no-kill».

«The people of the state of Delaware is very focused on the protection of pet animals, so we received a lot of support,» said Torelli.

«Last year, approximately 733 000 dogs and cats were killed in animal shelters across the country simply because they didn’t have safe places where they could feel at home,» reads the group’s website at Best Friends Animal Society. «Together we can change it to ban the killing of dogs and cats across the country by 2025».

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Torelli also said that the system, which helped Delaware to obtain the status of «no-kill», includes a major programme on adoption, as well as catching / the castration / sterilization of cats, which otherwise would be rejected by potential owners, educational and behavioral programs for dogs that need more support.