World famous Opera singer Placido Domingo was accused of sexual harassment

Opera singer, conductor, multiple Grammy award winner and CEO of the Los Angeles Opera, 78-year-old Placido Domingo has been accused of harassment.

World famous Opera singer Placido Domingo was accused of sexual harassmentPlacido Domingo. Source: flickr

8 singer and dancer told the Associated Press (AP) that they were victims of sexual harassment by Spanish tenor for three decades. The incidents occurred in Washington, Los Angeles and other operas of the world, since the early 1980s. At that time, Domingo was already married to the Mexican singer Marta Ornelas.

One of the possible victims said that Domingo put his hand under her skirt, and the other three — that he forcibly kissed them on the lips. 6 women claim that they felt uncomfortable with his suggestions of a sexual nature.

Dozens of other people in the Opera business claimed that they witnessed inappropriate behavior Domingo against young women. It was all «secret» in the world of Opera, the Associated Press reports. Women told similar stories about what the singer allegedly called them later that night and asked them to meet urgently, claiming that he had them working proposal. Many of them believe that their refusal was the reason for the failure of their careers.

«It hurts me to hear that I’m someone upset or made to feel uncomfortable, no matter how long ago it was, declared Domingo in response to the charges. I assumed that all my interactions and relationships are always welcomed and agreed. People who are familiar or have worked with me know I’m not the one who deliberately causes harm to anyone, offends or confuses».

The singer added that the standards of the modern world is very different from what it was before. But despite that, he is happy that for 50 years he likes, assured Domingo.

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Domingo is considered to be extremely respected figure in the world of Opera. Colleagues describe him as a man of incredible charm and energy, who has worked tirelessly to promote his art form. This story is likely significantly to undermine the authority of Domingo.

Only one woman, mezzo-soprano Patricia Wolfe, gave consent to use her name in the AP investigation. All the others wished to remain anonymous.