How to convince a suicidal person to drop the knife? To order Chinese takeout — decided to COP (video)

Addiction to Chinese food is such a powerful thing that can save the life of a man, ready to commit suicide. Ask, though, officer Jason inácio from the police Department of Newark.

On Saturday, a resourceful police officer resorted to a simple order Chinese takeaway food, to help coax the man out of the bedrooms of his apartment, where he reportedly threatened to slit his own throat with a knife.

«He said he was hungry,» he told inácio media. «And wanted Chinese food.»

The police were with the 38-year-old man talks for 20 minutes before he inácio appeared simple, but brilliant idea to bring him food to take away. «We gave someone $20, and I told him «I will allow you to eat on the way to the hospital,»» says Inacio. «We just wanted to understand and to reason with him. The only reason we were there is help and try to reassure him.»

While carrying food, the police questioned the man about how his day was, what convinced him to decide on such a step. In addition, the officer questioned the man about his family, in particular daughters and mothers, and adopted by the man the medication.

How told the police, then a family member took food – chicken with broccoli and gave it to the man.

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«Look, you see that the food is here,» can be heard as Inacio says in the video, filmed by his body camera showing the man a bag of food. «I promise you that, right? So let’s — I’ll allow you to eat on the way.»

The man finally agreed to drop the knife, after which he was taken in an ambulance to a local hospital.

«I like to always keep promises,» added the officer. «If I promise something, I try to stick to promised to end. And in this case I promised him Chinese food, if he will go with us.»