A man strangled his cat and was force-fed pet meth

Luckily, the pet was saved in time and his owner now faces serious jail time.

The man from new Mexico was arrested and charged with committing a felony after he «went berserk», beat his girlfriend and forced fed the cat amphetamine.

39-year-old Aaron Spaulding was originally arrested in June of this year, but after Tuesday at his cat has defined a positive test result for methamphetamine, accusations of animal cruelty have been brought to a criminal offence.

As the representatives of the police Department Las Cruces (LCPD), June 3 they received a call at the house where Spalding beat his girlfriend and, according to preliminary information, held her against her will the day before.

«Police learned that a verbal dispute escalated into a fight, and Spalding hit the woman several times and took her cell phone,» according to the LCPD page in Facebook.

Man Charged with Felony after Cat Tests Positive for MethCharges against a Las Cruces man arrested in June for…

Posted by Las Cruces Police Department on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

During the investigation it became known that Aaron Spaulding also mocked their homemade short-haired cat, «squeezing him until, until he began to scream», trying to strangle him and «forcibly fed methamphetamines».

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Besides, the man was mistreated and his dog.

Spaulding was arrested June 4 and released on bail on 24 June.

The cat was examined by the veterinarians, the animal was in shock. Later blood test confirmed that the cat in the blood was methamphetamine.

«Since then, the cat received the proper medication and found a new, caring owners,» — said in LCPD.