Nurse caught on CCTV camera when he shot the boy an autistic syringes to force her to obey

As said the official person, a nurse who was caught on surveillance cameras when he shot a teenage autistic syringes, because she did not obey, forever lost the right to work as a nurse.

In the Department of consumer Affairs, state of new Jersey pertaining to the office of the state attorney General, in a press release reported that the New Jersey Board of Nursing revoked the nursing license of Naomi derrick, because of an incident that occurred in 2016 in a psychiatric unit in Atlantic city. Officials noted that it is also planned to deprive her of a license to operate in the field of respiratory therapy.

«Threats and terror to a child with delayed development who is completely dependent on your care is a terrible and no one should be subjected to similar,» said Paul Rodriguez, the Director of the Division of consumer Affairs of the state of new Jersey.

In a press release said that a colleague saw derrick threatened the boy with needle injections during her shift in may 2016. In addition, a surveillance camera recorded how he was repeatedly jabbed with a needle in his own house.

During the hearing during the consideration of this case derrick said that only showed the child the needle as a threat. She argued that the examination of the child conducted on the next day, showed no bruises, no bleeding.

Derrick asked the Department to suspend her license rather than to deprive her of the right to work, noting that during the previous 8 years working as a nurse she has not received complaints. The woman claimed that another nurse told her (verbally) to threaten the teenager, because it is the best way to get him to obey.

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Naomi also complained that the teenager insulted her, pulled by the hair, threw her into the sheets and left the house to go to other patients during the hours reserved for sleep.

In 2017 in connection with this case she was charged with assault in aggravated circumstances, leaving the child in danger, threats, and possession of weapons without permission. Prosecutors in Atlantic County in January allowed her to attend pre-trial program.

In addition to the deprivation of the right to work the derrick will have to pay 10% of the cost of the investigation.