Serial killer robbed, raped and killed in the 14-year period, but you’ll never hear

Serial killer Israel Keyes for 14 years committed a series of brutal murders, rapes and robberies, but in spite of this, many people have never heard of it. He managed to avoid the attention of the FBI until 2012, when travelling in USA and not having a particular style of killing, hunting men and women of different ages. He hid «kits for the killings» across the country and was always careful to never leave traces of DNA.

Despite a series of grisly murders, the author and journalist Maureen Callahan says the FBI tried hard not to dwell on the Keyes. In his book about the Keyes Maureen immersed in a world of murderers, his crimes, his victims and the case, which the FBI has filed against him. Maureen said he first became interested in the case when he noticed a small note in the newspaper in December 2012.

I realized that this sensation. The FBI and the government kept the Keyes in custody for almost a year, and they didn’t spread that he killed people in all States for 14 years.

Maureen was so intrigued by the fact that she decided to study the personality of Keyes, who was arrested in February 2012 after the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig in Alaska.

Already being in custody, Keyes admitted to at least three other murders. He told police that studied ways to avoid arrest, explaining that at the age of 14 read a book «Hunter mind» and also watched «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation».

Authorities believe that he killed 11 people.

However, others, including Maureen, I think that the real number could be much higher, and we may never know the real number of dead, because Keyes committed suicide while awaiting trial for the murder of Koenig in 2012.

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#BOOKBZZ An investigative journalist documents the story of enigmatic serial killer Israel Keyes and the efforts of the Anchorage PD and the FBI to capture him, discussing what his case reveals about twenty-first-century law enforcement.

— Katherine Malmquist (@KEMalmquist) August 21, 2019

While Maureen has conducted its own investigation, she waited a few dead ends, when she tried to see past Keyes and how he grew up. She says that there are no «records or documents» that shed light on his early years including time spent in the army.

She said: «I was determined to discover what was hiding the FBI. Ended with a lawsuit to the Federal Prosecutor in Alaska for approximately $30 thousand, to see the interviews with Keyes (about 13 hours), which they concealed».

Maureen believes Keyes may be responsible for many crimes and that, get to the bottom, it will be possible to close a number of unsolved crimes. She also hoped that this unique case will help to better inform the police in the future, explaining: «I think law enforcement agencies can learn a lot on this case. I think there are many that are learning the future professionals in psychological portrait of the criminal.»