Florida resident met someone on a fetish website for eunuchs and castrated him

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 74-year-old Gary van Risvica for an unsuccessful operation on castration man he met online on a fetish website for eunuchs in the DarkNet (the Sheriff’s office noted that the link can be played entirely at your own risk).

He is accused of carrying out medical manipulations in the second degree, without a license, which led to injuries, according to the County Sheriff’s Office highlands. Risiko posted bail of $250 thousand.

According to the arrest report, officers arrived at the suspect’s house on Orday Road, Sebring call 911 around midnight. And this call they will remember for a long time. Van Risvik told the cops that I had just removed the testicles of the man, whom she met on «a site for fetishists».

In the bedroom the police found 53-year-old man from Tampa. His groin was bleeding, and the eggs were in a container beside the bed. The room was similar to the operating room with medical equipment, tools and camera to record procedures. It is not clear whether he did record the last castration.

Risvik, according to him, previously made the castration of animals and even removed myself egg in 2012, and last year he held a similar manipulation in the Motel the man, whose name has not remember.

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The unfortunate victim of castration was taken to the hospital of Tampa and currently he is in stable condition.

As reported by the Sheriff’s office, it was already his second attempt to make castration van Risvica. Van Risvik said that a man came the week before, but when I try to execute a procedure could not be disinfected, and the operation had to be postponed.

If anyone has information about van Ryswick, the police asked to contact detective Roger Saint-Laurent 863-402-7250, send an email [email protected] or leave an anonymous tip to the Heartland Crime Stoppers.