Police captain Troll phone scammers, claiming that she’s about to be arrested (video)

The police captain grabbed the initiative from the telephone swindler who tries to threaten her with arrest because of the false accusations of the.

Captain Ann Stephens of the police Department of the city of apex in North Carolina responded to a call of a man who introduced himself as «officer John black» and said he was calling about «serious charges to Your address». The police captain did not panic and turned on the speakerphone until one of her friends recorded the entire conversation on video.

During the 10-minute conversation, the man tries to find out personal information of the woman she refuses to provide or confirm. Trying to intimidate Ann, the man allegedly placed her lists of charges: Bank fraud, drug smuggling and «laundering» of money.

Need to see Anne’s face when the man said that it had carried out Bank fraud for 10 million dollars.

When the caller asks for the address Ann, she says «the Place where I am right now?» and gives him the address of the police Department, which is, and the man continues to harass her, claiming that the Deputy Sheriff had already left to arrest her.

«I’m indicted in drug smuggling?» asks Stevens.

«Exactly,» he replies.

«45 minutes later the Sheriff arrested me for drug smuggling?» — asked again the woman.

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«Exactly,» he confirms again.

Despite the threats, Stevens refuses to give the scammer the information he needs. In addition, she insists to talk to the senior officer’s face. When she calls the alleged head officer John, officer Jason brown, she puts it in a stupid world, giving completely different information.

Finally, the duped, the scammer hangs up.

«Guys, do call the scammers,» warns Stevens at the end of the video. «Never give out your personal information, do not confirm the information, even if they’ve already got them, because such things can be found on the Internet, on social networks. This is a Scam. Just drop a call or try to have a little fun».