«The festive thief»: the 82-year-old man has slipped past the doorman of luxury homes to steal jewelry worth $400 thousand

The new York police Department stated that Samuel Sabatino charged with robbery and larceny.

Samuel Sabatino (82 years old) spent the holidays in trips from Florida to Manhattan, and possibly other States. But when he came back, instead of to relax and do sightseeing, he slipped past the doorman of luxury homes and commit theft in empty apartments, said the prosecutors.

A middle-aged man committed at least 10 burglaries, stealing for 5 years, only in new York jewelry worth $400 thousand this year alone it is believed the authorities, steal for $100 thousand in 3 apartments. He was arrested in new York last weekend, and he was charged with robbery, attempted robbery and theft in the large size. It is noted that he was arrested in connection with crimes committed this year, but the police said that they are trying to associate it with more than a dozen other open cases. «We continue to collect additional evidence and to consider the incidents that occurred before this year, and expect that there will be new accusations»,- stated in the documents for the release of the suspect on bail.

Investigators dubbed the suspect the «Holiday bandit» because of his style of thefts that took place during the holidays, especially on memorial Day, the independence Day and labor Day.

Detective Kevin Hires from the police Department of new York city in a number of thefts in 2014, told CNN the representative of the police Department Philip Walczak. It was theft in the homes of the elite, he told police. In 2015 the investigators shared the survey made by the monitor, and asked the public to help identify a suspect.

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Authorities have described how the suspect acted. He was in a luxury building on the Upper East side of Manhattan, holding a black bag. He was raised at the last or penultimate floor of the building, looking for apartment signs that there is no one, for example, left of the newspaper or parcel. He then entered the apartment and steal things for thousands of dollars, including watches, engagement rings and gold diamond jewelry.

Finally, on 31 August employee of the building in new York stopped him when he wanted to enter, holding a black bag. Sabatino said he wanted to visit his cousin Suarez, but could be wrong building. The employee responded that tenants with the same name in the house no. The suspect left the building and was soon arrested. The New York Times then reported that he was under surveillance by officers in plain clothes. Traced the suspect’s car from Florida to new York, the police have achieved a breakthrough in the investigation. «The only reason he was caught is a large – scale and high-tech investigation, when we traced the suspect’s car from Florida to new York,» — noted in his release papers on bail.

His bail is $250 thousand in cash. If a man is found guilty, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Friday by telephone his lawyer said that could not comment on the case.