The couple has spent $120 thousand, accidentally transferred to their Bank account on a SUV and ATV

The husband and wife are unable to resist the temptation and spent $120 thousand, suddenly find themselves in their Bank account.

Couple accused of theft after they left to go shopping spend $120 thousand, which were mistakenly transferred to their Bank account, according to a police report.

Robert Williams and his wife, Tiffany Williams, of Pennsylvania, were forced to appear before the court on Tuesday after he spent two and a half weeks, wasting suddenly fell from the sky the money for such expensive purchases like cars and a caravan, according to news television station WNEP.

Robert (36 years old) and his 35-year-old wife was arraigned on charges of theft and receiving stolen goods.

The state police explained that the Bank BB&T Bank put a large sum on account of a pair of may 31 because of an error of the cashier of the Bank. But by 19 June, the pair managed to spend six figures on purchases which include SUV, 2 ATVs and trailer. In addition, they have spent the money to pay the bills, the car repairs, a cash purchase, and gave the friends $15 thousand, according to WNEP.

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Finally, on 20 June the Bank contacted Tiffany Williams about the error, and to inform her that the money was withdrawn, which resulted in a fee for exceeding the credit limit in the amount of $107416, reports the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Tiffany said the Bank that «will speak to her husband and try to reach agreement on the refund,» said the police. But when the couple for some time hiding from the Bank employees financial institutions have contacted the police to police helped to recover stolen funds.

As reported by the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, in late July, Robert admitted to investigators that he and his wife knew that «money does not belong to them, but still spend».