Beauty salon client refused service, saying that it’s too big for a pedicure

A resident of Houston, Texas was left upset and offended after visiting the beauty salon. She claims that employees of the salon told her that she’s too big for that she could do a pedicure.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in the salon nail service called Rose Nails, located at the intersection of Greens Road and Imperial Valley.

Surveillance cameras recorded as Tina Lewis and her mother came into the room and then about something briefly spoken to the staff. As she told later, that conversation left her in a state of shocked.

Lewis recalls: «I said something like, «Can I get a pedicure? In which chair do I sit?» And the employee answered in the sense that the chairs aren’t big enough so I could sit down. To which I replied «are You serious?»»

Lewis just wanted to get a pedicure, but instead, she said, it hurt. But in the salon said that they had reason to refuse service, and they have a right to do so.

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Marie Bui, an employee of the salon, Rose Nails, tells his version of what happened: «I said, «I’m sorry, but I can’t serve You because my Spa chair is very small»».

Marie explains that she didn’t want her words sounded rude or evil, but argues that the previous customer had damaged the seat in the cabin I guess that is the reason the weight of the person. She adds: «After this Spa chair and the unit bottom is broken».

The owner of the salon said that the Spa chairs worth a couple of hundred dollars and they can’t afford to repair them, so they have to act accordingly.

Lewis said he did not believe this explanation and claims that will not be going back to the salon. She says the salon nail service should put some kind of warning to inform customers about the weight limit