First credit Union, focused on LGBT clients, opens in the US next year

Monday, September 9, Michigan approved a Charter for a new financial institution intended for LGBT customers.

Unique credit Union Superbia Services Inc. will open next year and will give priority to the needs of LGBTIQ clients. This is done in order to protect people from discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

According to miles Meyers, Superbia Credit Union of Michigan will provide loans and other financial services to which clients LGBT+ are unable to.

«I can go to the Bank or credit Union and apply for a loan or credit card or savings account without any problems, said Meyers. — If I go to the same institution with my husband, we can meet the different responses and greetings. In this case, everything changes for the community.»

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A study published by the state University of Iowa in early 2019, has shown that same-sex couples 73% more likely to be denied mortgages than heterosexual couples.

Among their services, Superbia, plans to offer loans for medical expenses for transgender people.

«Despite the stereotypes about the wealth of gays, people of the LGBT+ are disproportionately poor, said Lyle Matthew Kan, Vice-President for research and communications in Funding for LGBT Issues, network, which provides funding to organizations LGBTIQ. The LGBT community is almost twice as likely to become unemployed than people who are not [related to] the LGBT community».