The killer apologized to the victim’s family before he was injected with a lethal injection

On Tuesday, September 10, Texas executed an inmate who shot and killed 61-year-old woman in her home almost ten years ago.

37-year-old mark Anthony Soliz received a lethal injection at a prison in Huntsville for the murder of Nancy Weatherly in June 2010 during a robbery.

The killer apologized to the victim’s family before he was injected with a lethal injectionMark Anthony Soliz. Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

During a five-minute monologue Soliz brought great apologies to the family of the deceased.

«I don’t know, will my leaving you comfort from the pain and suffering that I have caused you, — he said, looking at his son and daughter-in-law of his victim. I understand the pain I have caused you».

He said he made the wrong decision, but forgave herself and «goes with a humble heart.» According to Solisa, he does not know whether the members of the Weatherly family to attend his execution, but he was glad they were here.

«I’m just glad I have the opportunity to talk with you,» he said.

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Soliz thanked those who supported him, and told the warden that he was ready. When he was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital, he again turned his head to relatives Weatherly.

«I hope you’ll forgive me,» said he.

During the trial, the prosecutors said Soliz and another man, Jose Ramos, had committed at least 13 crimes in the area of Fort worth for eight days in June 2010.

Friend Salita told jurors that he bragged to her that he killed «the old woman» in the house in Godley, laughed at the incident and made fun of her «hillbilly» accent.

Soliz became the 15th inmate executed this year in the United States. Ramos was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Weatherly and courier Ruben Martinez.