Wife hired Hitman to kill him. He teamed up with the killer and mimic his own death to expose it

In 2015, the process of divorce 50-year-old Ramona Sosa, the father of 3 children from Houston and his wife Mary «Lulu» POPs took a rather unpleasant turn: the man learned that his wife is trying to kill him.

Seeing that Lulu turned to the killer, offering a generous payment of $2 thousand, Sousa has carefully developed a plan of action. He was determined to do everything necessary to make your woman ended up behind bars — even if it would have had to continue to live under the same roof or to fake my own death.

«When I first found out that Lulu wants to kill me, this all seemed unreal. recalls Ramon in an interview with The Sun — the Words hung in the air for a second, and then I gradually began to realize what was happening.»

Wife hired Hitman to kill him. He teamed up with the killer and mimic his own death to expose itFacebook/Ramon’s mother

«At first I just didn’t want to believe it, and then, resigned to the reality, felt rage, sadness and confusion at the same time. <…> It suddenly occurred to me: I live in the same house with a man who wants my death.»

Maybe Lulu could have put his own plan in life, but she made one fatal miscalculation: he tried to hire a «hit man» named Gustavo, not knowing that the friend Ramona.

Gustavo told the man the bad news and they decided to join forces to gather enough evidence against Lulu for the court.

Ramon tried to behave as if nothing had happened, so as not to arouse suspicion of the spouse, and «mercenary» in the meantime, began to prepare for the next meeting with the client — which he was going to wear a microphone, recording all the details of the conversation and use the audio as evidence.

«I literally had to sleep under the same roof with the enemy. says Souza — Have to pretend that everything is fine, < … > the only way would have been to catch her by surprise».

Friends carried the audio to the police, but it turned out that this is not enough. They were advised to go even further: to simulate the death of Ramon and show photos of Lulu.

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Ramon and Gustavo enlisted the support of the FBI and the Texas Rangers to create an authentic scene of the crime. Realistic makeup and fake blood provided the bullet hole on the temple of the POPs, and then the man undressed and climbed up to his «corpse» pit to do the.

«It was creepy. recalls Ramon is Indescribably creepy. For me photography is still a reflection of one of the most difficult moments in life. The idea, as I lie in the grave in underwear and a bullet hole on his temple, still shocking.»

Wife hired Hitman to kill him. He teamed up with the killer and mimic his own death to expose itFacebook/Soze still sick from photos, made to trick the wife

«When we took the picture, I was thinking about my children and parents, about what they will think after seeing these shots».

According to Ramona, one of the daughters, MIA, is still hard to look at photos: it reminds myself that they are not real, but can’t shake the thought that all this could be reality — if Lulu had hired someone else.

After that, an undercover COP met up with Lulu in the Parking lot and the pictures showed. Ramon says that in their view the woman laughed and said, whether her husband is dead.

This time was enough: Lulu was arrested and pleaded guilty to the murder. In October 2016 she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Wife hired Hitman to kill him. He teamed up with the killer and mimic his own death to expose itMaria Lulu Sosa

Now, remembering the relationship with his ex-wife, Ramon said that he was «lucky to survive».

«She didn’t just want to kill me — says the man she wanted to destroy the life I have built for many years. <…> She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I didn’t even know.»

Three years after the sentence is life Ramona is back to normal. He helps victims of domestic violence, wrote about the incident book and hopes his story will help other men and women facing emotional, psychological or physical violence, seek help.

«Men are less likely to seek help out of shame and fear, not daring to admit that they were beaten or humiliated. I want to use all platforms available to me to support them.»