The couple had a child of a different race after IVF. They sued the hospital to court and divorced

A couple from new Jersey sued a fertility clinic after they gave birth to the child of a different race.

The husband and wife Vasilevskiy took fertility treatment in 2012 at the Institute for reproductive medicine and science at Saint Barnabas (IRMS). In 2013, Christina Cederic already ex-wife of drew Vasilevsky, had a baby girl.

When she was 2 years old, the couple noted that she shows Asian features. In addition, the baby was diagnosed with a blood disorder, typical for residents of South-East Asia.

A DNA test eventually proved that Vasilevsky was not the father of the baby, while Cederic was her biological mother.

The «nightmare» of the spouses ended in divorce. August 28, they filed separate individual actions against the clinic at St. Barnabas. According to the lawsuit, the hospital claims that he used the sperm of the customers for ECO — friendly and any child is their own or had a place of «fornication», which was the reason the kid was born with Asian roots.

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Non-biological father of the girl spends a lot of time with her and involved in her upbringing, but still believes he needs to tell his daughter the truth when she’ll be old enough to understand everything.

Both parents love the baby, but I want to find out who the biological father of the child.

The court ruled that the clinic gave access to documents about all the donors of Asian origin, who donated sperm in the period when the family was there.

In addition, drew Wasilewski wants to know what became of his sperm. Whether it is used and, accordingly, were born from his children.

Recently a similar case occurred at the clinic in California, the Asian pair of Queens twins were born non-Asian origin because of confusion with the embryos.