A viral video in which a woman has and almost strangling the dog, helped find and arrest the offender animal

The owner of the dog was arrested after a video in which she mocks your pet has gone viral.

Michelle Sieber (26 years old) was indicted on one count of cruel treatment of animals. As reported in the police Tarpon springs, Florida, she was arrested after in a network there was video, which demonstrates how she has the dog leg, and then very rudely pulls him by the collar, nearly causing strangulation of the animal, walking through the Parking lot.

Vincent Minutello picked up his girlfriend and was also in the Parking lot when I noticed that the woman doing the dog and recorded it on my phone.

At some point, Siber very strong pull, almost picks up the dog by the collar, and she seems to choke and frantically opens his mouth.

What made the woman so ill-treatment of animals is unclear, since, judging by the video, the dog didn’t do anything that could bring the hostess out.

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In the end, the man does not stand up and goes to Siber. «You would not be able to go slightly softer with the dog, please?»

«You want it?» — Siber asks with a laugh.

«No, but You can’t do what You are doing. You’re choking, You hang your dog! You are unable to treat him,» says the Vincent, to which the woman answers, that’s how I use the collar, and she does not suffocate the dog.

After exchanging a few words with Vincent Sieber sits in the RV with his dog.

Michelle Sieber was arrested on September 20 and placed in jail Pinellas County Jail.

As it turned out, the woman lived not one dog. All Pets women, including the one that is filmed, are now in the hands of the staff of the division of animal control, as reported by the deputies. The investigators noted that the dog seems perfectly healthy.