The US military has warned that extremists are planning incely mass shootings during the premiere of the film «the Joker»

U.S. military warned of possible mass shooting at the screening of «the Joker», which can stand the so-called inteli — people who abstain from physical intimacy.

In the released email dated September 18, marked «for official use Only,» officials said military personnel «identify two escape routes» in case of fire, according to Gizmodo. On Tuesday, September 24, the U.S. army confirmed that the warning came after employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation found the social media posts associated with extremists.

In a letter to a serviceman explained that incely «worship of the character of the Joker.. who needs to pretend to be happy, but ultimately struggles with bullies».

In a separate note released on Monday, September 23, it was stated that the army has received «credible» information from law enforcement officers of Texas concerning the «alarming and very specific» conversation in the dark the net about the attack on «unknown cinema during a screening».

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This news caused great concern, particularly among families of victims during mass shootings of 2012 in Aurora (Colorado) at the premiere of the final part of the trilogy of Christopher Nolan’s «the Dark knight: the legend» of Batman.

The premiere of the film «the Joker» to be held on 4 October.