Captured people, arranged «barbaric» dog fighting and especially for this breed of puppies «bloodline of fighting dogs»

According to the indictment of 44 points, Federal agents arrested 5 people who organized dog fights in the North of Florida, as stated this week in the U.S. Department of justice.

Shane Patrick sprag (35) and Derek Golson Jedediah (38 years) from Pensacola, Florida; Hayley cook Murph (24) of Milton, Florida; David Lee Moser (age 36) of Waynesboro, Tennessee; and James Peak (67 years) of Milton, of Florida, was taken into custody for violating the Animal Welfare Act, the Federal law of 1966, which prohibits «conduct of dog fighting» and any activity aimed at the realization of such events.

«Dog fighting is a thorn in humanity that has no place in the Northern district of Florida and elsewhere,» — said in a press release, Larry K, the United States attorney in the Northern district of Florida. «We will continue to work with Federal and law enforcement agencies to eradicate this barbaric blood sport in Florida and other places.»

The indictment for 20 pages, describes the creation of a «C Wood Kennels» organization, which was established to transfer funds for dog fighting. Operations included the purchase, sale and transportation of dogs who were trained for battle, including the battles in other States.

It is reported that the illegal activity began in 2011, when Golson started to breed dogs with dogs named Kane that was in his possession. He used the website, which confirmed the purebred animals. After he was joined by Peak, and they started to breed with other dogs and to advertise and sell the other puppies that also were shown on the website, «based on the fighting qualities of the dogs.» The indictment also describes all the website as «the underground website for dog fighting».

Over the next few years Golson, of sprag and the Pic was engaged in the breeding of dogs, obviously for subsequent fights, as many of the puppies were described in the indictment as part of the «bloodlines of fighting dogs».

Further, the indictment describes the beginning of participation in 2016 in all of this, Murph. She charged that without a licence the veterinary surgeon carried out the operation on the wounded dogs, so they can continue to fight. The operation also included the removal of the ears in dogs what is considered common practice in the world of dog fighting, according to the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, along with tail docking.

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Operations reduce the likelihood that the attacking dog will grab the other dog for something and lead to injury. Moreover, it complicates the reading of the body language of another dog, that is, it prevents Boytsov dogs to communicate with each other and understand the «mood and intentions of another animal.»

The accused found that medical equipment, like the system for intravenous infusion, scalpels, staplers for skin and injectable steroids for animals.

Moser and Murph are often involved in the transportation of dogs, beginning in the fall of 2016.

The defendants were also accused of correspondence during these years, when they organized a few fights between the dogs, which were at their disposal. In one message, which is contained in the indictment, Murph wrote Golson in may 2017, agreeing to bring the so-called dog-bait, which he uses as validation for his own dog that the dog would «attack and/or kill». It would also allow Golson to «assess the fighting temperament of your dog».

Obviously, numerous dog-bait was sacrificed to the accused and another accomplice, whose name prosecutors did not name and which is under investigation.

Federal law can give a maximum of 5 years in prison for each violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Four of the 5 defendants involved in numerous acts of cruelty towards animals, considering how their behavior is described in the indictment. If the jury finds them guilty, they can spend in Federal prison for decades.

Lawyers Peak, Murph, Sprague and Golson did not respond to a request by the media to comment. Representative Moser failed to communicate.