The frightened man shot and killed son-in-law decided to surprise him on birthday

The man was so frightened when his son jumped out of the bushes to surprise him on the day of birth to death, shot him once in the heart, as told on Thursday by representatives of the police.

Richard Dennis (’61) will not be charged in unintentional shooting my daughter’s husband Christopher of the Bargain, said at the press conference the Sheriff of the County of Santa Rosa, Florida Bob Johnson.

The bergan (37 years old) arrived from Norway on Tuesday, specifically to do a surprise father-in-law and at about 23:30 I knocked on the back door of the house of his father in Gulf breeze, and then hid in the bushes.

As noted in the police, when Dennis opened the door, the Bergan jumped out of the bushes with a loud growl. It was at this point Dennis once fired his semi-automatic your gun, once son-in-law right in the heart and instantly killing him, Johnson said.

«He was very scared,» said Johnson about the elderly.

The police said that the incident was a tragic case of mistaken identity.

Earlier that evening, Dennis had a fight with another relative, because the man came to his house and loudly knocked on the front door. When an hour later he again heard the loud knocks, Dennis felt that this was the same cousin and opened the door, armed with first.

«I’m not going to criticize Mr. Dennis for what he did. He just had a fight in front of his house,» said the Sheriff. «In a few hours someone started pounding on the back door of his house, despite the fact that his house is fenced. And then someone jumps out of the bushes,» said the Sheriff of the County of Santa Rosa. «You can’t say anything against Mr. Dennis for what he did.»

«I think it was a terrible accident that was never supposed to happen.»