Right before the wedding, the groom pulled the bridesmaid in the dressing room and tried to take by force. But many are shocked by the actions of the bride, not the groom

The groom is charged with sexual assault after investigators found that he lashed out at the bridesmaid before the wedding with his future wife.

The police said that it happened at a party in honor of the upcoming wedding, when a group of friends had a rest before the ceremony at a resort near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Carney and his now wife is described as a happy couple. But investigators in Monroe County said that the actions of the groom before the wedding has led to charges of sexual abuse and that he allegedly sexually molested the maid of honor.

Court records show that the maid of honor told police that the attack took place at the hotel Shawnee Inn in Smithfield township on 30 August at the party before the wedding. According to the materials of the case, the company spent the day drinking alcoholic beverages, and the girl was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. At the hotel she passed out and woke up in the men’s locker room with Carney, who was caressing it, whereas it was underwear.

The police said that the violence on the bridesmaid stopped when came to the locker room bride that led to a fight between the future spouses.

The police added that it had reviewed video from surveillance cameras of the hotel, which can be seen as Carney pulls the woman into the locker room and it seems to be «quite unable to stand on his feet».

According to the materials of the case, the district attorney’s office Monroe County investigators were allowed to listen to a phone call between Kearney and the victim. They said that during the call he told her that he was sorry, and repeatedly stressed that it was his fault. He admitted that he had dragged her to the dressing room.

Carney admitted to investigators that he used the condition of women.

Each Carney said that despite the incident, the couple married. Neighbors Carney claim that they are a great couple. «They seem nice, I’ve never heard of any quarrels,» said neighbor Brenda Gilbert.

Although many people find it hard to believe. «He was charged with?» asked Sarah Mahoney. «I don’t know how she continues to live with him and stay by his side».

Journalists Newswatch 16 tried to talk to the Carney family, but the door of their house had not been opened.