9-year-old boy is charged with five counts of murder after he set the fire that killed a family with children

9-year-old child from Illinois charged with first-degree murder on five counts, after he set a fire in a mobile home, which killed five family members, including three young children.

The child was also charged with two arsons, said the Woodford County district attorney Greg Minger.

Minger did not mention the child’s name and gave no details about how he was associated with the deceased family.

The fire that erupted on April 6 in a trailer Park Timberline in Godville (Illinois), led to the death of 69-year-old Catherine Murray; 34-year-old Jason wall, 2-year-old rose Elwood, 2-year-old J. Walla and one-year-old Ariel wall. They suffocated in the smoke. 27-year-old Katrina of Alwood and her 8-year-old son managed to survive.

Katrina Aloud and Jason wall was engaged, J. and Ariel was their children. Rose was the niece of Catherine, and Catherine Murray — grandmother of Katrina.

The district attorney said his office was «a tough decision» to blame 9-year-old murder.

«This is a tragedy, but there was a serious crime, said Minger. He knew that the house was when people set fire to it».

The Prosecutor suggested that the child does not face prison, but he may have to undergo treatment, counseling, and psychological assessment.

It may also be sentenced to probation, but only upon reaching adulthood.

According to statistics, the FBI, in 2018, 62 minors under the age of 15 was arrested on charges of murder and manslaughter in the United States.

A neighbor of the deceased family said that she «sympathizes with the accused».

«I believe he would not intentionally cause someone harm, says Marie Chokli. I just pray that he got help and a second chance to the incident did not affect him until the end of life.»