The driver from Colorado was accused of animal cruelty after he left his dog in the cargo compartment of a pickup truck during a snowstorm

A motorist from Colorado was accused of animal cruelty after in social networks appeared a photo of his dog under a layer of snow that sat in the cargo Bay of a pickup truck in the middle of a Blizzard.

Photograph of a woman in Aurora (Colorado), Thursday, October 10, at 10:20. According to weather reports, the temperature in Aurora at this time was 16 °F (to -8.8 °C), although because of the wind the temperature felt like 0 °F (-17,7 °C).

Dr. Missy Taski, a veterinarian at the animal hospital Gentle Touch, told KDVR-TV that the owner puts the animal at risk of frostbite, because she can’t move and keep warm. But, in his words, this dog is an Arctic breed called the Alaskan Malamute, which is thought to be able to resist frost.

A woman in Aurora snapped these photos of a snow-covered dog riding in the back of a pickup truck this morning. @CSP_News says this driver could have potentially been cited for animal cruelty. What do you think? @KDVR

— Evan Kruegel (@EvanKruegel) October 11, 2019

But the driver of the pickup can be a problem, regardless of the weather. According to local rights groups of animals, it is illegal to transport an animal without meeting the requirements of the enclosure.

Thanks to the help of the public, the police managed to find the man. The driver apologized and told the officers that at that moment in the back of a truck he already had two animals. Officers wrote the man a warning.