The couple say that the immigration authorities had lured them to an interview to deport her husband in Honduras

The couple claim that the immigration authorities in Baltimore (MD) unfairly lured them to a job interview, and then wanted to deport her husband-illegals back to Central America.

Elmer and his wife Alice Sanchez came in for an interview with the staff of the Ministry of internal security to determine whether or not Elmer, who was in the country illegally to remain in the result of marriage.

But, despite the fact that migration authorities declared the marriage legal, they handcuffed Elmer in handcuffs and threatened him with deportation to his native Honduras. They said that in 2005, Elmer missed a previous hearing, which he claims didn’t know, so was issued an order to deport him in absentia.

Alyse Sanchez Geplaatst door op Donderdag 8 augustus 2013

The men, who have two small children, joined five other couples in a class action, accusing the agents of the Ministry of internal security of the United States that they lure the family to the marriage interview in Baltimore only to hold a spouse, who is illegally in a country for deportation.

Federal rules allow the citizens of the United States, such as Alice, trying to change the status of the spouses, such as Elmer, who illegally reside in the country.

From Elmer and Alice’s two sons (4 and 2 years old), they live in the suburbs of Washington Kensington (MD), where he owns a renovation company homes. She works in a veterinary clinic in nearby sandy spring.

Alyse Sanchez Geplaatst door op Woensdag 9 oktober 2019

«Everyone has their UPS and downs in relationships, but we have all been quite smooth, says Alice. — He was there during every important event in my life. He was the most important event in my life.»

Press Secretary of the ACLU (the American Union of civil liberties) in Maryland said the AP that from 2017 the Department of homeland security illegally using the interview for a green card as a «bait».