Man ordered to pay child support even after a DNA test proved that the baby wasn’t his

Man forced to pay child support even after a DNA test showed that he was not the biological father of the child.

Joseph Sinawa from Florida will appear in court against the state due to the fact that he must continue to pay alimony to his ex-wife.

In an interview with WTLV-TV, Joseph said that he had signed the birth certificate because he genuinely believed that he was the father. He also made it clear that the child’s mother does not want to pay child support, but it leads to this state. While in her home in St. Augustine, the man explained, «She told the judge that just wants to end it all, and that’s all I want».

The man learned the news that he is not the real father of the child, when the state court held a DNA test in solving the question of custody. But, despite the fact that the judge decided to continue to pay child support, Florida Department of Revenue (the state Agency of the state of Florida dealing with taxes) appealed on the grounds that he previously tried to «cancel fatherhood».

Joseph added: «At that time my wages were off $83, that is, more than a third of my salary. When I considered myself a father, I have not had any problems with it».

Thus he will have to pay the money for the child until the situation is resolved in court. At the moment men have no funds for lawyer and represents himself in court alone. However, it is unknown how long it will take time and it is unknown whether the money he has already paid returned to him.

In an interview with First Coast News, a lawyer from Saint Augustine Brandon Beardsley said that he first sees in his career something like that. He explained: «It’s a waste of money for Florida taxpayers is to appeal the decision, when the end result will be the same.»

Joseph is said to have been emotionally crushed when I found out that the child wasn’t his, and the court case continues to torment his wound and more pain. He added: «I don’t want to relive what I had already been through».