Male «shot in the face neighbor’s Labrador puppy when he effect it by the tail»

Friendly black Labrador puppy got shot right in the face and died after effect of the tail in the direction of a neighbor of its owner.

Berkeley, a year-old dog was killed on Sunday after his owner Jess Buxton released him out of the house in Danville in Vermont, United States, along with the other dogs so they could cool off on the street. Jess, who has moved to a new house in September, said that the other 4 of her dogs quickly returned home, and she began to worry when Berkeley showed up. He appeared only a few hours in a terrible state after the 72-year-old Frederick Keenan allegedly shot him from weapons. Jess immediately took his «affectionate and tender» Berkeley to the vet, where he died during emergency treatment.

She told NBC5 news newspaper: «He probably just waved his tail, saying «hi». Keenan just shot him in the face.» Remembering the moment when she found a dying dog, Jess added: «I saw him laying there with his head clamped between the legs. I wasn’t sure if he’s still alive». Jess said that when she drove Berkeley to the vet for an operation, came to the clinic, brought her to a room and told her that «there’s nothing they can do.»

Kinane charged with animal cruelty with special circumstances, and he will be obliged to appear in court next month. He refused to comment on the charges against him. In turn, Jess promised to become an activist for animal rights, and added: «Since then my mission will be to fight for these dogs. When something like that happens to you, it is even impossible to describe.»

And despite the fact that a girl left 4 other dogs, she is very upset about the loss of Berkeley. «It was my boy,» she says.