Father refused to hire your teenage son’s lawyer when he was arrested drunk in order to «teach a lesson»

Sometimes the parents are ready for the most severe measures to teach children a lesson — even if someone will think they cross the line.

In such a situation was an anonymous «disillusioned» the father of two children, whose story about her son, detained for driving under the influence, divided Reddit users band Am I The Asshole into two camps.

According to the man, he set for his daughter, who is studying in College, son finishing school strict rules when they started to drive.

«I made clear to them, — says the father — that driver’s license is a privilege, not taken for granted the right that they are responsible for themselves, their passengers and everyone on the road. I explained to them that drunk driving and texting behind the wheel unacceptable.»

«Recently my son returned from the party and was stopped by the police. The officer smelled booze, put him through a test and found that the alcohol level is twice the acceptable norm. He was charged with driving under the influence. I was very disappointed.»

«Given that he turned 18 three days before the incident, he will be tried as an adult and all this will be taken in a personal matter. — still a man — My wife insists that we hired a good lawyer and got his sentence reduced. She is worried that otherwise, our son will not be able to go to College and medical school, and his career will be over before it began. Moreover, it is likely that he will spend some time in jail.»

Although the family and can afford a good lawyer, — says the father — he fears that, in case of successful result, the son may learn the wrong lesson from what happened and decide if he is entitled to break the law with impunity.

«I think he needs to take responsibility for the incident — says the man — and if that means he will not be able to get into the best College or spend some time behind bars, then so be it. My wife strongly disagrees. She says she is also disappointed in him but still thinks we need to take care of his future.»

The post instantly went viral, collecting 9 thousand likes in just 5 hours, but commentators have been unable to agree. At the time, as some believe that the father’s actions were completely justified, others argue that it goes too far.

«As a parent I understand the desire to help the child out when he gets in trouble, writes one of the users — but you need to trust your instincts. You will give to the son a bad example, getting rid of responsibility with money. <…> He made a decision and have to live with it, even if the consequences will haunt him for years».

«No need to justify it, saying that he is still a child. <…> — adds another — He was old enough to go to a party, get drunk, get behind the wheel of a car and endanger yourself and others. If so, then he should be old enough to face the consequences of his actions.»

«You have every right to be angry, — object next — but it doesn’t change the fact that your son needs a lawyer. Don’t punish him with the help of the justice system, not destroy his life. Even with a lawyer it will be serious penalties, and without it — jail, revoked license, high insurance, losing their right to Federal student loans and even more fines. <…> He can’t get into College without access to loans and will be spending time at a crappy job just to cover the bills for their drug test».

«Your child needs support. It is not necessary to refuse the son, <…> and then, when he turns 25, angry that he can’t arrange his life. He can’t because it will continue to analyze the consequences of stupid mistakes made in youth.»