The reckless driver said stopped his police officers that «hurries home because he’s cheating»

The driver from Florida John Pickard was arrested November 10 after he told police he was speeding because he’s cheating.

Picard was stopped by police in Tarpon springs, drawing attention to the fact that the man was moving on his Honda Accord at speeds above 90 mph when the limit of 55 miles per hour. As noted, the police did not seem that the man was under the influence of alcohol or of alcohol. However, he told the officers that «he needed to quickly get home because he cheats on his wife».

Police arrested him for reckless driving. During the search police allegedly found a «2.1 grams of whitish substance in a plastic sandwich bag in the front pocket of the shirt». When the analysis showed that the substance was cocaine, Picard «spontaneously» told the officers that he just bought it for $50.

After that, the charges of careless driving and added a drug possession. Picard got out of prison, by making a Deposit in the amount of $2200. He will appear in court on 5 December.

As it turned out, this man was already arrested in March 2019 for domestic violence when he allegedly during a quarrel with his wife, pushed and scratched her. At the woman’s request, the case was dismissed.

While Picard was caught speeding, a resident of the district of St. John’s, Florida was able to evade police, but was caught when he called the police to ask why it has not arrested. Nicholas Jones was arrested after he stopped for a traffic check. The officer tried to stop him, but he escaped. An hour later, Jones himself called 911.

The man informed the dispatcher that he left an officer and asked «what are we paying you? I passed 4 cops». In fact, the police had the registration number of the car Jones, but after the call, officers were able to track the location of men. He was arrested the next day when the police found his car in front of the clothing store.

To the question of why he called 911, he said that the police had no right to stop him. «I saw how he turned on the siren and were going to stay. But I do not like.»

The man told the officers that he finds it funny that he gave himself. «No one can catch me in my car. She’s very fast,» he boasted.