The new district attorney of San Francisco announced that it will not prosecute prostitution and public urination

The new district attorney of San Francisco Chaz Budan stated that his office will not prosecute prostitution and public urination.

He added that other crimes associated with «quality of life», also will not be prosecuted until he is district attorney.

Crimes related quality of life, for example, blocking of sidewalks and installation of tents in a public place, as do the city’s homeless.

«The installation of tents on the streets and offer sex in the streets, urinating in public, blocking the sidewalk and so on — should not and will not be prosecuted. We have a long way to go for the decriminalization of poverty and homelessness,» added Budan.

The main rival of topsy-turvy, suzy Loftus also acknowledged that «an excessive number of such allegations have not been proven effective in deterring aberrant behavior.»

Budan won election as district attorney of San Francisco last weekend.
In a statement published on social networks after the victory, he wrote that «it is unfair when the prison is used as the solution to all our problems», adding that his team «think differently».

Thank you, San Francisco.

— Chesa Boudin 博徹思 (@chesaboudin) 11 Nov 2019.

«We are working to ensure that San Francisco valued each resident, is deserving of human dignity,» said Budan.

By the way, NBC News reported that the parents of the newly elected district attorney were members of the radical left anti-war group Weather Underground.

Both were arrested for participating in an armed robbery when Chaz Budan was a kid. His mother had been in prison for more than 22 years and was released in 2003. His father is still serving a sentence.