«You don’t have to pay more than other women»: gay new York sued, claiming that he had cut wages and fired because of orientation

A former employee of major company events in new York this week filed a discrimination complaint alleging that the Agency had reduced his salary and then fired him because of his sexual orientation.

«Wesley Wernecke was invited to work at Eventique CEO Henry Liron David, but once David found out that Vernice is gay, then began to remove him from business,» said NBC attorney Werneke Anthony Consiglio.

Lawyer David, Jenna, and Seiderman, denied the allegations, calling them «unfounded.»

The complaint, filed in the Supreme court of Manhattanstated that Werneke just started working at Eventique, which organizes events for major clients such as Nike, Twitter, and Amazon, when David began to oust him from office.

Werneke left my previous job in the company in organizing events in Boston, where he worked for more than three years to join Eventique in June of this year. A week after he was hired colleagues Warneke commented on its «girly» wedding ring. When a colleague asked, wearing his wife like a ring, Warneke replied that his partner, Evan, wore.

According to the complaint, from that moment on, tension arose between Warneke and his colleagues, and David.
Werneke says that he was ostracized and excluded from professional meetings and social events.

The man said that he for the first time in my life I make an appointment to see a psychiatrist and start taking antidepressants.

The fall of David caused Werneke into his office and said that his salary is reduced from $145 thousand to $70 thousand a year.
«I couldn’t sleep at night thinking that you pay much more than other women in the office», — said the head of Werneke, according to the complaint.

In October Wesley Wernecke fired.

«David just couldn’t bear the thought that Eventique will be presented by a gay,» reads the complaint.