Shocked, the visitor took video of the baby «9 years», working with raw chicken in a restaurant kitchen

The visitor of restaurant Popeyes in Texas was shocked when I witnessed how a little boy works hard in the kitchen of the establishment.

The video, which was shot by a visitor, shows a boy who looks «9 years» and who «worked with raw chicken before he gave it to an adult male employee of the restaurant, which continued to cook.»

The incident apparently occurred on Sunday 3 November at the Department of network in the suburbs of Dallas called The Colony.

The witness of the incident, who asked not to be named, took the strange situation with the camera on my phone. He said: «the Child worked with the raw chicken before he gave it to an adult male employee of the restaurant, which continued to cook it. He was wearing an apron».

The witness said that the restaurant «is clearly not enough staff» as the door was going to turn, and the waiting time was at least an hour for chicken.

He said, «While I was there, in the front only worked 1 employee and 4 in the kitchen. The queue went outside the door and people were even standing at the entrance to the school. I was waiting for my order for over an hour. The boy was running back and forth from the kitchen to another room, which was not seen. It was crazy, that it was necessary to remove the camera».

The visitor said that one employee left the orders on the counter, not sorted them, because I had to run to the kitchen to help prepare food. He added: «At some point she even yelled at an elderly man who accidentally picked up the wrong order. It was crazy. I worked for many years as a waiter and never seen anything like it».

The representative of a chain of restaurants said: «We immediately investigated complaints against one of our institutions. The owner of the restaurant fired the employee who brought the child, a minor, to the kitchen and cooperates fully with any further investigations in accordance with the laws of the state and Federal law. The safety of our guests and team is always our priority and we take very seriously to all actions that do not fit into our standards work.»