The baby was brought to the kindergarten cocaine and said that he feels spider-Man. Father arrested

Father from Massachusetts was arrested and placed into custody after his 5-year-old son brought in kindergarten the cocaine and said he makes him feel «spider-Man».

According to authorities, the incident occurred on Thursday. The child brought a small bag of the drug in the Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke (Massachusetts) — a small town 90 minutes from Boston.

Showing the powder to the teacher, the boy said that when trying it «feels spider-Man». The teacher immediately reported everything to the Director and then to the police.

Benny Garcia. Holyoke Police Department

Came to call the officers called an ambulance to make sure baby is all right. According to authorities, the child is likely to do drugs — at least on the day of hospitalization.

After that the police went to the boy’s father is benny, Garisa, who was found sleeping in the house, where there were 38 packages of cocaine and 70 packs of heroin. At Garcia has issued a warrant associated with the drug, and now the man will face new charges.

With Garcia lived the boy’s mother and another child. Both kids are now under the care of social services.

Garcia will appear before court on November 20.