The man asked a neighbor a shovel, saying that he would kill the dog uncle. Old Shih Tzu was found in a canal the next day

A Florida man is accused that he beat the dog uncle to death with a shovel and then dumped the body in the canal. As reported in police, Christopher Ilosvay (34 years) was arrested and placed in jail on Monday.

Sheriff’s deputies from the County Sheriff’s office palm beach arrived at the house of William Ilosvay in a trailer Park in Boynton beach, Florida on September 8, reports The Palm Beach Post.

Deputies found that Christopher Ilosvay allegedly beat a dog uncle, a Shih Tzu named Valentino.

Elmer Johnson, a neighbor, said William Ilosvay that his nephew earlier I asked him for a shovel so he could kill Valentino, according to WPLG. Johnson told deputies that he gave Christopher a shovel, assuming he was joking about killing the dog. But then he saw, as he comes to his uncle’s house and, waving his shovel as a Golf club, dropped a small dog off the ladder. The neighbor added that he had heard the dog screaming, but Christopher hit the animal several times on the head.

Eloshway, Christopher asked his neighbor if he could borrow a shovel so he could kill his uncle’s dog, says @PBCountySheriff. The neighbor didn’t think Eloshway would actually do it, so he gave him the shovel.

— Madeleine Wright (@MWrightWPLG) November 20, 2019

WPLG reports that Christopher placed the dog in the black box of packets of milk, which was attached to his bike. A neighbor told police that he saw Christopher when he ran from the patio of property through court. Sheriff’s deputies later found his bike and saw blood on a box of milk attached to it.

William contacted deputies the next day after the incident and told them that he had found the body of his dog. WPLG reports that he searched the nearest landfill in an attempt to find his dog, but to no avail. William added that he remembered that his nephew has a boat, which is in the channel nearby. When the man walked along the canal Bank, I saw the body of a dog floating in the water.

Deputies are unable to determine the dog died from head trauma or drowning.

Christopher was placed in jail Main Detention Center in West palm beach, Florida on Monday. He was charged with animal cruelty with aggravating circumstances and illegal elimination of the animal’s body. The Deposit is $30 thousand

On Tuesday, judge Ted Buras ruled that Christopher can not communicate with his uncle, Johnson or to contact with any animals.