The man forced the child to stand under a hot shower so that the burn 25% of the body

Mother of 7-year-old boy and her boyfriend both were charged with injury to a child.

The police stated that John Terrell (27 years old) from Texas forced the boy to stand under a hot shower, which resulted in burns over 25% of his body. The authorities also stated that Terrell forced the child to stand under a hot shower not because of the fact it’s time to bathe, and as punishment received a bad grade in school.

As stated in court materials, after the child was forced to stand under a very hot shower, the man took the boy to the bedroom where he slapped and choked him.

I have sent assholes like this to prison for scalding a child and one behind bars for four years for holding a toddler’s hand on a hot electric coil range! I despise any animal that would harm a child!😡🤬

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Rakish Brisby, the boy’s mother, in turn, charged that she had not taken his son for treatment to the doctor within 3 days after the event. The boy told police that after a hot shower he went to sleep, and the mother saw his wounds the next day. She is accused of lying to doctors and police about how he was wounded the boy. Detectives said that Bisbee made up the story, allegedly saying that the child was scalded by accident during the incident during cooking. She said that the boy played with the ball, ran into the kitchen and came across a pot of boiling water. When asked to show how it all happened, at first she hesitated, and then showed the incident as it could not happen.

In addition, it is reported that witnesses and family members of the boy told the police that Terrell spanked the boy’s buttocks, which he began to move away the top layer of skin. The teacher told the police that he had seen the child so swollen hands, I thought it gloves. When she asked the child about it, he told her that he was beaten with a ruler. Many witnesses, including the teacher, showed the police that reported the behavior of the mother and her boyfriend to child protective services. When their complaints were written by family members, the child’s mother forbade them to communicate with him.

In August, the biological father of the boy first saw him 2 years because he was in jail, he told police. When he saw the scars, then reported the possible abuse to the Houston PD, as stated in court documents.

Terrell Brisby and both must appear in court on Monday. The boy was returned to the custody of relatives.