The young «animal torturers» giggled «trying to smoke paw puppy» (video)

The puppy was rescued by Sheriff’s deputies after he appeared worried the public a video in which a company of laughing young people, it seems, is trying to «smoke» his foot.

A group of people, at least 2 girls and a boy, which allegedly showed brutal treatment of animals caught on video, when they laughed and tried to «smoke paw» puppy. Unknown smokers from Idaho falls in Idaho, USA recorded themselves on video when they put the electronic cigarette to the foot of the animal, and then tried to smoke brownish-yellow liquid that had gathered on it. In fact, the video is not entirely clear what’s going on, but the young people shared their video on Snapchat, attributed to «He «smokes Labradoodle»» and added two emojis crying from laughter.

The incident quickly spread online and caused the anger of defenders of animals and just people who care, who decided that over the puppy abused, hurt him or gave him drugs. The County Sherrif’s office Bonneville said that they rescued a dog after the video was sent to local news East Idaho News.

Now the dog care and the police reported that she was safe and okay.

The woman, who said that she is the mother of one of the 2 girls shown in the background of the video contacted a news edition East Idaho News to try to explain what happened in the video. The woman, whose name was not called, said: «You need to understand that they realize what they did was incredibly stupid and dangerous. They don’t hurt animals. They are good girls. I took the puppy to a safe place and is now under investigation».

Now Sheriff County Bonneville are working to establish the identity of all the guys in the video, and try to understand what really it shows.