The teacher a few hours holding the baby in smeared excrement clothes to «prove his innocence»

Teacher 5-year-old child forced him a few hours to be in dirty clothes, when he had voided his bowels in his pants, with the result that he had health problems, both physical and mental.

Teacher of children with disabilities from Georgia, USA was arrested by police officers after she allegedly forced the child to sit in their own excrement in order to «prove their case» concerning the rules of use students toilets.

Kelly Lewis (age 56) was charged at one point ill-treatment of children because of the incident, which reportedly occurred in an elementary school Frey Elementary School in ACWORTH, Georgia, USA on November 21.

A Cobb County teacher has been accused of making a 5-year-old special needs student sit in soiled clothing to teach a lesson about restroom habits.

Kelly Lewis said she was «going to prove a point»…

What is wrong with you?

— Ryan Shead (@RyanShead) December 10, 2019

That day 5-year-old student of the school, the child with special needs, and vacated his bowels in his trousers, according to news publication the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, quoting documents of the police Department, school district Cobb County School District, which includes elementary school Frey Elementary School.

Lewis is accused of leaving a child to sit in dirty clothes for approximately 2 hours because she «was going to prove his innocence» regarding rules for the use of students toilet room, told investigators working on the case.

«A small child, referred to, redness and irritation began on the buttocks, and also appeared emotional pain as a result of actions of the teacher»,- said in the decree about the arrest.

Lewis was placed in jail Cobb County Jail on Wednesday, but was released after she posted bail. At the moment it is not specified when exactly will be considered by the court this case and the decision concerning the punishment of the teacher.