In Michigan, the local authorities approved stores delivering marijuana to home

The industry of recreational marijuana in Michigan continues to grow — now three stores are preparing home delivery.

Recreational use is a periodic irregular or occasional use of psychoactive substances is not associated with medical indications.

Permits the Department of licensing and regulation of Michigan (LARA) provided the three stores: Lit Marte Centers in the Provisioning, Provisioning Battle Creek in Battle Creek and Burton Natures Releaf Inc. in Burton.

«It’s incredibly exciting, because not everyone can easily reach these places. A person may be a disability, or may not have transport, so this accessibility is a real turning point,» said channel WZZM13 Tami Vandenberg of West Michigan Cannabis Guild.

LARA had previously given permission 67 dispensaries medical marijuana home delivery, but this is the first time when retailers can offer the same service.

As at 19 Dec retail sellers of marijuana for recreational consumption has made sales worth more than $3 million, which brought the state more than half a million dollars in tax revenue.

«I think they underestimated how many people are actually interested in cannabis «to rest,» added Vandenberg.

Note, however, that more than 1,400 of the nearly 1,800 cities, towns and villages in Michigan do not allow the shops selling the marijuana.