The Jim Beam fined $600 thousand: a giant «plume» of whiskey, poured out into the river, killed the fish

Company Jim Beam has been fined $600 thousand after the July warehouse fire sent nearly 23-mile (37-kilometer) plume of the alcohol river, Kentucky and Ohio, killing fish.

Newspaper the Courier-Journal reports that a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages has agreed to pay a penalty, presented by the Department of energy and environment of Kentucky.

Jim Beam will also reimburse the state Agency of $112 thousand.

A fire at a huge warehouse in the district of Woodford-Franklin began on 3 July when, during a lightning storm on them was struck by lightning. Flame, «vystrelivshey» in the night sky could be seen for miles. About 40 000 barrels of aged whiskey was destroyed and turned into a nearby Creek Glenns Creek, and then downstream in the river.

The wildlife Department of the state of Kentucky has discovered a dead fish at a distance of 62 miles (100 kilometers) from Glenns Creek and the Kentucky river. In the Ohio river was also a dead fish, but this effect was called «insignificant.»

Last Friday, «Beam Suntory», a Chicago company manufacturing alcoholic beverages, which owns Jim Beam, has released an official statement:

«Although we were able to minimize the impact on the environment and wildlife, we recognize the sad and inevitable consequences of the incident. We have made every effort to rectify the situation: this includes payments to the state, which compensated for time spent, resources used and the cost of replenishment of local fish communities».