Husband requires a «trial by combat» instead of a divorce and wants to fight with a lawyer ex-wife’s swords

Divorce is always painful, and sometimes even so that you are ready to take up the sword. Literally.

40-year-old David Sharp of Paola (KS) and his wife Bridget Acute right now in the process of divorce. However, instead of having to go through the standard procedure, Acute want to solve the conflict through the «trial by combat».

Yes, it is ready to take not quite a metaphorical sword to put them Bridget-married straight once and for all.

The man said that he wanted to «meet on the battlefield,» where their ex-wife «of the soul will rip from mortal bodies» — adding that he’ll need about 3 months to «hammer out or to find» any sword. The acute set out to get a katana or wakizashi, though, by his own admission, and does not know how to handle them.

«In fact, the court in a match never banned on the territory of States,» said David, referring to judge Craig Dammeyer.

Sharp also suggested the wife’s lawyer, Matthew Hudson, to become a «champion» Brigette and fight for it. The man claims that thus respond to the «absurd» claims of the lawyer’s ex-wife.

«If Mr. Hudson is willing, said Acute that I’d meet him in battle. However, I don’t think he has enough courage.»

At this point the judge has not yet ruled on the case. Let’s hope that it does happen to David in this strange request: in the end, in the «Game of thrones» such a trial is over is not the best way.