Kindergarten teacher broke the «naughty» child foot and tried to fool the parents, defensively

The police of the city of Boca Raton in Florida, said that an employee of the kindergarten was arrested after she broke her leg 3-year-old child because «he behaved badly».

According to the police report, the child’s mother brought her son to preschool Early Learning Academy 2300 W. Yamato Road at about 7:15 on January 10.

Baby daddy said that the staff called him about 11 a.m., claiming that the boy was injured when he kicked a metal chair. Father said that on his Shin a bump. When he was told this information, the father did not think that the case is urgent and took the child out of kindergarten. The boy’s mother told detectives that she took her son around 15:45. «She saw her son seated and it seemed that he was very hurt. He was shaking, defecated on himself and did not eat anything,» as reflected in the police report.

The boy said that he was injured when an employee of the garden, a 24-year-old Estefani Acosta sat on him because he was misbehaving.

As stated by the child’s mother, her son was still hurt, and that night he could not stand up, so he was taken to the hospital West Boca Medical Center, where doctors found a fracture of his right leg.

The owner of the preschool, Canali Como stated that at the time of the incident, the teacher was with children the only adult. Como said that Acosta first said that the boy behaved badly and got injured when he kicked a metal chair. However, when the girl said that in class there is a surveillance camera, she began to get nervous and changed history. She stated that the child could get injured when she accidentally fell on him.

The police have seen the footage of the CCTV camera where it was clear that Acosta asked the child to sit with the other children. When he refused, she used force to put him, but he immediately stood up. At some point, Acosta grabbed the child by the hand, lifted and carried through the room. «In the classroom was only one chair and the leg of the child once it did not get,» — said in the police report.

Acosta put the child on the floor face down and bent over him. «It seemed that her right knee was on the right leg of the child.» A minute later, the child grabbed his right leg.

When detectives interviewed stuffed Acosta, she stated that the child was misbehaving and spat on the carpet and myself.

She was arrested on January 14 and was placed in jail Palm Beach County Jail. She worked in a Early Learning Academy from November 2019.

Preschool assured the parents that this was an isolated incident, and Acosta was fired after this incident.