Kidnapped girl snatched from the hands of tyrants, when she filed friends the signal in the messenger

A teenage girl was rescued by police after have used Snapchat to inform friends that she has been kidnapped, and she doesn’t know where it is.

The police report noted that officers of the departments Sexual Assault Investigations Unit of the police in San Jose January 14, 2020 responded to the Motel in San Jose, California.

The victim used his account in Snapchat to tell friends that she was kidnapped, and she doesn’t know where it is. Friends of the victim spotted her using the social networking app and called 911.

Officers arrived on the call, talked to one of the suspects – a 55-year-old albert Thomas Vasquez, when he left the Motel room. After that, they went inside and found the room the victim.

Vasquez was arrested and charged with kidnapping for rape, forcible detention of the victim, lewd acts with a child 14-15 years of age and rape after intoxication of the victim’s alcohol or narcotic substances.

January 15, 2 other suspects – 34-year-old Anthony Salvador, a 31-year-old Heriberto Alvarenga, was placed in jail Santa Clara County Jail in connection with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a crime.

In a statement, police said: «the Investigation found that Vasquez met with the victim in Capitola January 14. Vasquez gave the victim the drugs, after which she was unable to resist. Then Vasquez called Salvador and Avarage that they helped him. Three suspects put the victim into their car against her will. Vasquez subjected the victim to sexual violence in the car. After that 3 suspects drove the victim to a Motel in San Jose. The suspects took the victim out of the car in the Motel room on the second floor where Vasquez again subjected a teenage girl to sexual violence.»

As reported by the East Bay Times in relation to the latest information about the girl’s condition, Sergeant Enrique Garcia said she was safe and is back with his family.